A hero might not always realize that their actions have a profound impact on another’s life. A hero doesn’t always have to leap tall buildings or rescue a baby from a burning car. A hero can also be defined as someone who does their job so well, that little by little and day by day, hundreds of children’s lives are made better because of one hero’s tireless dedication.


Deputy Tim Schambs graduated from the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy in 1992 and joined the Upper Arlington Police force in 1990. He was hired by the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office in 1996 as a patrol officer, and was promoted to detective two years later. Since 2006, Schambs has served in the Sheriff’s Support Division.


It was in January of this year that the Sheriff’s Office and Delaware County’s Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA) appointed Schambs as a special deputy to focus on the apprehension of parents who were court-ordered to pay child support—but have not done so.


Merely 10 months ago, Deputy Schambs was given a list of 125 lawbreakers – aka “dead-beat dads and moms.” These individuals have a history of evading the law. They typically earn a living getting paid in cash, ‘under the table.’ There is no record or way for CSEA to collect child support, as directed by the courts.


These lawbreakers are smart in how they evade the law. But Deputy Schambs is smarter.

In less than one year, Schambs has apprehended 101 of these criminals. He uses multiple means to find them, including investigative tactics, social media, and a wealth of contacts and resources throughout Ohio and the U.S. He successfully locates and apprehends these elusive criminals and brings them to justice.


But just as important as bringing them to justice is that innocent children are awarded much needed financial support to help them succeed in school and in life.


According to Captain Savage of the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office:

“Tim has a relentless pursuit for justice and won’t let up. He is one of the most focused and task-oriented deputies I’ve ever worked with. Nothing stops him. Tim views barriers as merely a temporary challenge.”


Witness Statement from Joyce Bowens, director of CSEA:

“Tim takes enormous pride in his work. He enjoys what he does and it shows. He has found parents that we have been looking for for many years, including one parent from 17 years ago! He is very good at what he does. Tim wants to be successful not only capturing the criminal, but working with them, the Courts, Prosecutors, and our Case Managers to reach a financial goal so that the parent can actually afford to finally support their child.” 


According to Deputy Schambs’ supervisor, Lieutenant Shelley Pfan:

“Tim gets the job done. He is an ideal employee and his efforts make us all look good. His work ethic and track record speak volumes and he is an inspiration to many, including the new generation of deputies we hire and train daily.” 


In true hero fashion, Deputy Schambs believes he is merely doing his job. He doesn’t see his efforts as miraculous like his colleagues do. His unassuming style, fierce determination, and unwavering dedication to justice are just a few reasons the Sheriff’s Office believes Tim is worthy of the Red Cross law enforcement hero award.